St. John Villa Company Terms and Conditions

St. John Villa Rental Company Terms and Conditions

The property is fully furnished, and includes ready-made beds, 1 set of bath towels per guest, and an equipped kitchen or kitchenette. Furnishings and amenities are not new and may exhibit signs of wear and tear. Amenities and furnishings are subject to change, and may or may not be the exact same as represented due to replacement, substitution or other reasons. Manger provides a starter kit which includes toiletry items, soaps, dish detergent, laundry soap, shampoo, toilet paper, paper towels, and other dispensable items. A limited supply is provided, and the tenant should plan to shop to replenish these items if necessary. Manager assumes no responsibility for the quality or contents of any food products left on the premises and Tenants use and/or consumption of same and shall be at Tenant's/Guest's own risk(s). Towels (except beach towels) and linens are not to be taken from the units.
Most villas include one complimentary greeter to escort guests to the villa  per group for the villa. You may schedule additional arrivals as needed for $75 per arrival. If you arrive later than 9:00 pm there is an additional charge of $50 for your arrival. If an arrival takes place on a major holiday (Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years Day, Easter.) the arrival fee is $100.

Cable Television:
Many villas offer expanded cable, a few villas offer premium channels. Occasionally, there is a problem with the cable television service. We do not have any control over the cable service. We will do the best we can to get it resolved, as soon as possible, however the repair schedule for the utility company is often backed up.

Cancelation Policy:
Should cancelation by the Tenant occur at least 60 days prior to arrival, all deposits less 20% of the total rental amount shall be returned.
If this Lease is canceled by the Tenant fewer than 60 days prior to the commencement of the period of occupancy, then all monies/ full payment less 20% of the total rental amount shall be returned, provided the premises are re-rented for the reserved time. 

If the premise is not re-rented for the reserved time no money will be returned. 

St John Villa Company makes every effort to accurately and completely represent our villas on the web, telephone or brochure. If a guest is disappointed or dissatisfied with a property and declines to stay at the rental property, this will be considered a cancellation and no rent reduction or refund will be issued. We recommend that you fully examine all aspects and ask all questions about your intended villa prior to booking.

Capacity Of Villa :
Total guests permitted in the villa at anytime are limited to the number of guests who have paid. Should a group be misrepresented, they must pay for the extra person/s immediately or vacate the villa without a refund. Infants sleeping in a crib are not included in the total headcount.

Construction Noise:
The St. John economy is thriving. Construction is everywhere, even next door to some of our villas. Work begins at 7:00 a.m. and stops at 3:30 p.m. week days for most construction sites. We do appreciate your understanding in situations where construction exists.

Check in is 3 PM and is the earliest allowed check-in time. This allows the housekeepers to complete their cleaning duties. If you arrive earlier your greeter may take you to the villa to drop your luggage, but you must leave and return no earlier than 3 pm unless your management company confirms the readiness of your villa.

Check-Out :
Required check-out time is 10am. Late checkouts are not available for most villas. If a late check-out is permitted by management, it will not be approved until the day before departure and MUST be in writing.  If there are guests arriving that same day the housekeeper will be there at 9 AM for some villas and 10 AM for others to begin cleaning. If the property is not vacated by 10 am, St John Villa Company is authorized to remove Guest belongings from the property at the guest’s expense. The minimum charge of $50 per hour (or partial hour) will be charged to the credit card on file. If you have a later flight, you are always welcome to leave your bags at our main office located across the street from the National Park Visitors center while you head to the beach or go shopping before heading out for your flight.

Credit Cards Accepted:
We accept Master Card, Visa and Discover and bank checks.

Credit Card Authorization: 
Tenant agrees to provide Manager with a valid credit card for the duration of the reservation.  Tenant is providing the credit card as a guarantee. Tenant certifies that he/she has read and agrees to abide by the terms of this agreement, and agrees to pay and authorize Manager to charge any rental amounts, taxes, security deposits, extra cleaning, missing property and any damages not covered under the Security Deposit Waiver and fines or charges pertaining to violations of the rental agreement. Tenant understands that all credit card sales are final. Should manager be unable to recover costs from the credit card on file, Tenant is responsible to provide an alternative method of reimbursement within 48 hours of notification. 

Complaints and Maintenance:
We are not responsible for mechanical failures of any kind during your stay. No refunds will be issued for minor disruptions of any utilities including, but not limited to, power outages, water outages, telephone service, etc.
Please report inoperative equipment to St John Villa Company as soon as possible so we can make every effort to have it repaired quickly. Due to island life, speediness is not always possible but we will do our best. 
Remove all trash from the property, place all dishes in dishwasher and start. If no dishwasher is on property then guests must wash all their dishes and put away.
Do an overall general tidy up and be sure all appliances are off, AC is turned up to 80 and all doors and windows are locked and secure. Guest should start a load of laundry and be sure to wash colors separate from whites or damage fees could be charged to guests.
Some properties have more departure requirements and tenant will be made aware of these upon arrival.
If property is left excessively dirty then and extra cleaning charge will be charged based on the size of your villa.

Discounts & Specials:
St John Villa Company reserves the right to post last minute discounts and specials at our discretion at any time. Reservations confirmed prior to posting dates of these discounts are ineligible for the discount or special.

Tenant and their guests shall behave in a civilized manner and shall be good neighbors respecting the rights of the surrounding neighbors and shall not create noise or disturbances that interfere with the quiet enjoyment of their property. Creating a disturbance of the above nature shall be grounds for fines and/or immediate termination of this agreement, forfeiture of rent and deposits and Tenants shall then be required to immediately vacate the premises. Quiet hour starts at 10 PM and pool (if applicable) and outdoor noise should be kept to a minimum regardless of the hour and in compliance with the local Noise Ordinance.

Drugs and Hazardous Materials:
Guests and members of their party shall not use or be permitted to be bring into the villa any illegal or hazardous substances.

Fire Safety: 
The property is equipped with a minimum of one (1) fire extinguisher. The fire extinguisher was fully charged at last inspection. It is the duty of the tenant  to locate fire extinguisher, notify all other occupants and guests of the location, and to inform management immediately should the fire extinguisher be missing, or be less or become less than fully charged. The property has smoke detectors installed and they are believed to function properly at the time of rental. Tenant will notify management without delay if detectors are missing, uninstalled, "chirps" or have a low battery condition. It is up to the tenant to make note upon arrival of all exit routes in case of fire or other emergency situations. The tenant shall make all gusts aware of their best escape route.

No groups larger than those renting a house are allowed in our villas without written permission. Additional fees may apply.

Garbage Removal:
Guests are responsible for removing all trash from the property to be disposed of in one of our local garbage bins. If trash is not removed from the villa a $50 penalty will be charged to the credit card on file.

House Keeping Service:
Your rental villa is thoroughly cleaned before your arrival. However additional cleaning can be purchased at $25 per hour with a 3 hour per-day minimum. Some villas do have mid week or daily housekeeping. Please double check with our concierge department if you have a question about your specific villa.

In the unlikely event that we should experience a hurricane during your stay, there are several things you should know:
1. We do NOT allow guests to remain in our villas during a hurricane! All villas will be boarded up, utilities turned off and patio furniture tied down or brought into the villa.
2. We highly recommend that you purchase trip cancelation insurance. Trip insurance should cover you for any incident whether it is hurricane related, snow or family emergence. Please double check your trip insurance company’s fine print to be sure of coverage.
3. If a hurricane is predicted to be headed our way and there is enough time, you need to make every effort to reach St Thomas before the storm arrives. Delaying your departure plans  from St. John may trap you on the island because the water ports close. After the storm there may be limited or no space available on departing flights. In some cases you may have to wait several days before normal airline travel is restored. Our island often imposes an island wide curfew and the ports are closed. Once these things are enforced you will no longer be allowed to be on public streets or be able to get off island.
4. The St John Villa Company staff will be monitoring the storm’s progress. If we feel that we may be in the path of an approaching hurricane, we will notify you as soon as possible and advise you to fly off the island or to check into a St. Thomas hotel that is equipped with an emergency generator for the duration of the storm.
5. Once you make your emergency departure arrangements please call us to inform us of your departure plans.
6. Should you miss your opportunity to vacate island and are unable to find other appropriate accommodations and are forced to stay in your reserved villa against our policies, you agree to hold St John Villa Company LLC and/ or the specified management company from any liability due to any conditions, incidences or injuries resulting from the impending hurricane and any consequential circumstances resulting from the hurricane.

Indemnification/Hold Harmless:
The tenant and guests agree to indemnify and hold harmless St John Villa Company LLC,  property owners and their management company from and against all claims, demands, loss, liability of any kind and character, including cost of defense, arising out of or in any way connected with the tenant’s use of the property. In the event tenants or guests suffer personal/physical/property damage, injury, or loss. St John Villa Company LLC, management companies and property owners are not responsible for lost or stolen items or physical security. The duty to defend arises when the claim or demand is first made and is not waived by a delayed tender of defense.
You, as the tenant or guest, agree to indemnify and hold harmless St John Villa Company LLC and its directors, employees, sponsors, licensors, independent contractors, providers, subsidiaries and affiliates (collectively, the “Indemnified”), from and against any and all liability costs (including attorney’s fees and costs) incurred by the Indemnified in connection with any claim arising out of any breach by you of any provision of this User Agreement.
You agree to cooperate as fully as reasonably required in defense of any such claims. St John Villa Company LLC reserves the right, at its own expense, to assume the exclusive defense and control of any matter otherwise subject to indemnification by you and you shall not in any event settle any claim without the written consent of St John Villa Company LLC.

Internet Service:
Many of our Villas offer high speed internet and Wi-Fi as a convenience to our guests. However it is subject to other inconveniences of island living. Should the internet go down, we will do our best to get it back up as quickly as possible but we are not liable should we be unable to and no refunds will be given.

Legal Recourse:
Any dispute arising out of these rental terms hall be construed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the Territory of the US Virgin Islands without resort to the conflicts or choice of law principles thereof. The Courts of the United States Virgin Islands, Division of St. Thomas and St. John, shall be the exclusive venue for all judicial disputes and the prevailing party shall recover its costs, expenses and reasonable attorneys’ fees.
Tenant and guests, by sending us a signed rental form, or online reservation and payment constitutes your acceptance and agreement to these terms, conditions, limitations and restrictions as outlined herein.

St John Villa Company LLC  is acting hereunder as agent for accommodations, and assumes no liability for property loss or damages, nor liability for injury, delay or irregularity which may be occasioned either by reason of defect in any vehicle or the acts of any company or person engaged in conveying passengers to or from their villa.
Transportation (airline, ferries, charter vessels, rental cars and taxis) is supplied by providers who operate independently of St John Villa Company LLC. We assume no responsibility, therefore, for any loss, injury, or damage to person or property because of the acts of these providers. The tenant and guests agree to indemnify and hold harmless St John Villa Company LLC, property owners and their management company from and against all claims, demands, loss, liability of any kind and character, including cost of defense, arising out of or in any way connected with the tenant’s use of these third party contractors of any sort.
You, the tenant and guests, understand that you are responsible for the villa during your dates of occupancy. You must lock the villa’s windows and doors securely at all times when not on premises, and must exercise care in securing all personal property. You are responsible for securing your villa upon your departure.

Your villa has all required linens for a comfortable stay including beach towels. Please DO NOT wipe your makeup off with our towels. This damages our towels and linens.  Should we find damaged towels or linens we will charge the appropriate charges for damages to your card on file.  This damage does not fall under our security deposit wavier and it will be considered as willful neglect. Should you desire to have towels specifically to clean your face and makeup we recommend bringing your own makeup towels from home.

Multiple Rentals: 
Should Tenant or acquaintance of Tenant rent another property in proximity to Unit, no items shall be moved from home to home. The majority of occupants from two or more rentals will not spend the bulk of their rental time at a house other than the house in which they are sleeping (violation of the occupancy rules). Having too many guests in one house creates extra wear and tear, risk of sewer problems and noise complaints. There will be additional charges to all tenants,  should we have to return items back to their original location.

Office Hours:
Monday through Sunday 9 to 6. Please note that office hours are limited during off season. However all guests will be given an on-island emergency number should they need to reach personnel during limited hours.
Owner’s Closet – Many owners have personal items in locked areas or closets. Please do not tamper with these areas.
Packages – Guests are welcome to ship boxes or packages prior to their arrival for their stay. Our staff will put these packages in your villa for your arrival. There is a fee of $5 per Medium Priority Rate boxes or smaller, and $10.00 per larger box for this service and for storage of the box prior to your arrival. The tenant and guests agree to indemnify and hold harmless St John Villa Company LLC, property owners and their management company from and against all claims, damages, loss, liability of any kind with regards to these packages.

Tenant is advised that parking is at a premium, and garages and parking spaces can be smaller than normal. No refunds will be given if vehicles do not fit in designated spaces. Parking is NOT guaranteed for all properties and guests are advised to review property listing for this info or contact manager prior to booking. No refunds will be giving should you book a property that does not have parking and decide to rent a vehicle.

The U.S. Customs service does not require a passport to depart the U.S. Virgin Islands to return to the United States or Puerto Rico. If you do not have a passport you are required to have an “other secure document” such as a drivers license with photo or a notarized birth certificate to reenter the United States from the U.S. Virgin Islands. To travel to any of the BVI islands, such as Jost Van Dyke or Virgin Gorda, a valid passport is required.

Pets are not allowed in any St John Villa Company properties. Penalties are a $100 charge to the credit card on file, immediate removal of the pet and/or eviction of the guests. All rental payments will be forfeit.
Personal Effects – St John Villa Company is NOT responsible for guest’s personal belongs that are lost, stolen or left behind.  For items left behind, a $20 retrieval fee will be charged plus the cost of shipping/packaging and the items will be returned at the guests expense. If items are not claimed for longer than 30 days, they shall become the property of the Manager and may be donated or sold.

All St John Villa Company villas are privately owned. The Owner and Property Manager reserve the right to refuse service to anyone at their complete discretion. The Owner and Property Manager will not be responsible for accident, injury or for the loss of money, jewelry or valuables of any kind. The property will not be rented to anyone under 25 years of age unless part of or guest of a family group.

Processing Fee:
There is a non refundable processing fee of 5% on each reservation. 
Rates, Printing or Internet Errors and Omissions – The information about the rental villas offered by St John Villa Company in our current brochures and internet web site is as complete as we know of at any given time. St John Villa Company is not responsible for any changes a villa owner may have made to their property after the time of printing or publication.

Real Estate Showings:
Occasionally the owner will list a rental villa for sale. We reserve the right to allow the villa to be shown during your stay. This will only be by advance appointment with you, the guest. We will make every effort to schedule such brief showings at a time convenient to you, to respect your privacy, and to minimize the interruption to your stay.

No refunds will be granted unless there is a serious problem that cannot be remedied within twenty four (24) hours, and/or causes the guest extreme, undue discomfort or serious inconvenience.
Rental Agreement – By signing the rental agreement and or confirming the reservation via online, the guests are agreeing to abide to all of the requirements herein and authorizing St John Villa Company to apply any penalties or additional costs to the credit card on file.

Rental Car:
We require all guests who rent a villa outside of Cruz Bay to reserve and rent a car. Many villas are not accessible by taxi and there is no convenient way to arrange for taxis early or late.

Rental Car Deposit:
As a service to our guests we can help make rental car reservations. A deposit may be needed. We will use the card on file for this deposit to the car rental company to hold your vehicle.

Rental Equipment:
St John Villa Company LLC provides pack n plays, Aero beds and rollaway beds for rent for our guests. This list of items are currently limited and require advanced reservations to ensure availability. Please see more info on prices under “Guest Services ~Rental Equipment”. The tenant and guests agree to indemnify and hold harmless St John Villa Company LLC, property owners and their management company from and against all claims, demands, loss, liability of any kind and character, including cost of defense, arising out of or in any way connected with the tenant or guest use of any rental equipment.

50% of the full rental amount including the Reservation Fee and Security Deposit Waiver Fee is required at the time of booking to confirm the reservation. The balance is due 60 days prior to arrival.
If the reservation is made less than 60 days prior to arrival then the entire balance amount is due at the time of booking.
Bookings of 3 days or less require full payment at the time of booking regardless if they are made prior to 60 days of their arrival.
No reservation is confirmed until payment has been received and a confirmation email and confirmation # has been emailed.
For all reservations of 3 nights or less we will charge the appropriate cleaning fee. For reservations of 4 nights or more that have been significantly discounted, a clean fee may apply.

Room Tax:
Each rental is subject to a U.S. V. I. room tax that is currently 12.5%.

Satellite Television:
Some Villas offer Satellite Television of which a few offer premium channels. Because of the location of the satellite these systems are sensitive to weather conditions and the signal will break up or fail during heavy rain storms. Happily these rains are mostly brief.
Security Deposit Waiver – We require a $50 non-refundable Security Deposit Waiver fee for all reservations. This fee will cover all minor accidental damage or breakage up to $500. This damage MUST be reported to St John Villa Company immediately and no later than the day of departure for this to be covered by the security deposit waiver. If you do NOT let us know of the damages we will charge damages to your card on file and they will be considered willful neglect. Note that some villas may require an additional security deposit. Should this be the case the security deposit waiver fee will cover the first $500 for reported damages and the security deposit on file will be used for remaining damage fees. All guests are required to have a credit card on file to cover any damages not covered under the above conditions.
This policy does not cover intentional acts that results in damage, gross negligence, willful and wanton conduct, or any cause if the guest fails to report the damage before departure. Coverage does not apply to theft or damage of any property owned by or brought onto the premises by a guest. In cases of abuse and malicious damage to rental property the guest will reimburse Agent and/or Owner the amount of all damage including attorney’s fees.

If the villa or any of its systems or amenities require service or repair the guest will agree to make the villa or room available for the service technician.

Service Interruptions:
We strives to make your villa stay as comfortable and trouble free as possible. Sadly there are some services over which we do not have any control. Problems with the electrical service, telephone connections, both land line and cellular, Internet Service as well as cable or satellite television are managed by other service providers and we cannot promise that the service will not be interrupted or available.
We will make every effort to work with the various service providers to restore any interrupted service as quickly as possible but we are at the mercy of the scheduling and effort of the other agency.
Smoking – There is no smoking allowed within any St John Villa Company villa. If this policy is violated and smoking is detected in the villa a $150 penalty will be charged to the credit card on file, as well as any required cleaning services.

Sub Contractors:
The tenant and guests agree to indemnify and hold harmless St John Villa Company LLC, property owners and their management company from and against all claims, demands, loss, liability of any kind and character, including cost of defense, arising out of or in any way connected with any subcontracted workers including but not limited to Villa Greeters, Housekeepers, On Site Chef or Catering Services, Massage Therapist and more.

Tenant shall not sublet the property.

We reserves the right to substitute comparable or better accommodations without liability, should the villa reserved be sold, be out of order, been inadvertently double-booked, or be deemed substandard by us for any reason. If comparable accommodations are not available, you, the guest, will receive a complete refund of all pro-rated rent and Hotel Tax paid for the original villa.

Not all properties have land lines. And cell service is scattered. The cell companies with the best service are ATT & Sprint. Note that extra charges may apply depending on your cell plan and location on island. Please check with your cell provider on your options prior to arriving.  Should you need to have an on island contact for home emergencies and are worried about your service you can give out our office line or you can purchase an on island temporary phone from Surf Da Web (340) 693-9152. We require that all tenants have at least one working cell number on file with our office in case of emergency.

Travel Agent or Third Party Booking:
We are not responsible for any false, misleading or incorrect information conveyed by any third party booking or travel. However an incident should take place, please make us aware so we can take appropriate action to educate and make any and misinformation be corrected.

Travel Insurance:
We highly recommend CSA travel insurance for any time period of travel. Please see more info under Guest Services ~ Trip Insurance
Villa Occupancy – Maximum occupancy refers to all persons above the age of two years old. Maximum Occupancy violations will result in rent forfeiture and immediate eviction of all guests. Guests will limit occupancy to maximum occupancy at all times.

No weddings are allowed in our villas without written permission. Additional fees may apply.
Terms Posted 09/08/2013

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