Renting a Car the "Easy Way"

Renting a car on St.John is a great way to explore and experience the island on your own time and in your own way! If you are interested in renting a vehicle we suggest contacting the car rental businesses to find one that fits your group and is available during your time here on St.John. Please contact St.John Villa Company if you have any questions. 

Below is a list of the jeep rentals we recommend to fullfil your transportation needs.  Most rental companies require that you have at least 3 days minimum to rent. Take into consideration that during season, the rates for renting vehicles is higher than during off season, as well it is recommended during season to book your car rental as soon as possible.  


St. John Car Rental Companies
Aqua Blue 340.776.2782
Best Car Rental 340.693.8177
Bougainvillea Leasing 340.776.6420/1.800.253.7107
Conrad Sutton Car Rental 340.776.6479
Cool Breeze Car Rental 340.776.6588
Courtesy Car and Jeep Rental 340.776.6650
Destiny Car Rental 340.777.5337
Just Sun Jeep Rental 340.776.8786
L & L Jeep Rental 340.776.1120
Lionel Jeep Rental 340.693.8764
Mr. Piper's Jeeps 340.693.7580
O’Connor Jeep Rental 340.776.6343
St. John Car Rental Inc. 340.776.6103
Sunshine Jeep Rental 340.690.1786
Varlack Car Rental 340.776.6412
Denzil 340.776.6715

St.Thomas Car Rental Companies
Amalie Car Rental 340.774.0688
Dependable 340.774.2253
Budget 340.776.5774
Discount Car Rental 340.776.4858
Thrifty Car Rental 340.776.1500