How To Get Around St. John

How To Get Around

  Car Rentals
  There are a number of car rental companies on island. If you decide to rent a car and are coming in high season, then you should book early.
  We have many taxis available for you whether you have a large group or just 2. They can take you wherever you wish to go and many will even do an island tour at your request.
  Scooter rentals are available on island.
  Bus Schedule:

108-Salt Pond Departure Times
Salt Pond Beach                              Cruz Bay Dock
West Bound                                      East Bound
Departs at 6:15 AM                          Departs at 7:20 AM
Departs at 8:15 AM                          Departs at 9:20 AM
Departs at 10:15 AM                        Departs at 11:20 AM
Departs at 12:15 PM                        108 AM ends 1:00 PM
Departs at 3:15 PM                          Departs at 2:20 PM                
Departs at 5:15 PM                          Departs at 4:20 PM
Departs at 7:15 PM                          Departs at 6:20 PM
Departs at 9:15 PM                          108 PM ends 8:20 PM

109-Cruz Bay Departure Times
Salt Pond Beach                               Cruz Bay Dock
West Bound                                       East Bound
Departs at 5:15 AM                            Departs at 6:20 
Departs at 7:15 AM                            Departs at 8:20
Departs at 9:15 AM                            Departs at 10:20
Departs at 11:15 AM                          109 AM ends 12:00 PM
Departs at 2:15 PM                            Departs at 1:20 PM
Departs at 4:15 PM                            Departs at 3:20 PM
Departs at 6:15 PM                            Departs at 5:20 PM
109 PM ends 8:15 PM                       Departs at 7:20 Pm